What is half of 8?

For most, the immediate answer will be 4. Others, who think themselves cerebrally gifted, might respond with zero (the numeral 8 cut in half horizontally). How many answers can you come up with?
If you’re like most, you probably thought the question was focused on finding a solution: 8 divided by 2 equals 4. That’s an analytical and problem-centric approach to the question. Perhaps not until you saw another answer of zero, and its explanation, did you consider this might be something more than an exercise in arithmetic. In fact at that point, it was no longer a question about finding a solution, but became a question about finding possibilities.
Hi, my name is Mike Grigsby, welcome to my blog. My day job is an IT  manager for a large police department, but I’ve amassed a veritable treasure trove of experiences over my time in the workforce: military veteran, preacher, graphic designer, police officer, business owner, web developer, marketing director, entrepreneur and organizational development guru. At first blush it sounds like I didn’t really know what I wanted to be when I grew up. Ironically, all of those experiences have two things in common: 1) me; and 2) the exploration of possibilities.
A friend of mine recently asked me the question, “What is half of eight?” Like many of you, I snapped back with the number 4. As they explained the exercise as an exploration of possibilities, I took inventory of my work experiences and realized I’ve been exploring possibilities for a long time. Are you exploring the possibilities in your life or is “4” your final answer? My hope for this blog is to share my thoughts and insights, comedies and tragedies as I explore an inexhaustible supply of possibilities.
Not sure what this blog will look like over time, how often I will post, or if people will ever bother to pay it a visit. What I do know is that every post will have two things in common: 1) me; and 2) the exploration of possibilities.

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About mwgrigs

I have three great loves in my life: learning, being useful, and my family. Sometimes I blow it royally in all three areas, other times I'm a rock star. I plan on spending the rest of my life exploring the possibilities of making each of those areas truly awesome!

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