Believe When No One Else Will

The greatest motivational tool anyone needs is a mirror! Encourage yourself, believe your own dream, and the world will clear the way for you to do what you set out to do!  –mwgrigs

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I love this quote because it reminds us that our dream, is OUR DREAM. We can’t expect anybody else to be as excited in our dream, as we are. We can’t expect anybody to believe in our dream, as much as we do. It’s not their dream, IT’S OURS! Most people wait on others to believe in them before they get started; for validation, confidence and motivation. Something that has worked for me and I always ask  my clients is, “What is something that you’ve always needed to hear to make yourself more confident about getting started?” Good! Now, tell it to yourself! Again and again and again! Realizing, that the only person we need to hear it from, is ourselves!
Own your dream!
Don’t wait for your family to see it.
Don’t wait for your friends to see it.
Don’t wait for anybody else to see it.
All that…

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About mwgrigs

I have three great loves in my life: learning, being useful, and my family. Sometimes I blow it royally in all three areas, other times I'm a rock star. I plan on spending the rest of my life exploring the possibilities of making each of those areas truly awesome!

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